Artist Statement

When I paint, I feel completely connected to the Universe. I’m able to express the love I feel towards people and the natural world. I’m free. I can wander through my imagination beyond time and space. Or, simply observe and record the beauty and intricacies of nature and science (whether visible to the human eye or not – real or surreal).

On this journey, I attempt to capture the energy, mysticism and spiritual essence of life. These images may reveal themselves to me as a dream, a vision, or often times in nature… It is the mystery and energy I feel from these moments or coincidences, that continue to show me that these visions are messages for me to share.

I’m inspired by the ‘Old Masters’, the Impressionists and Surrealists, Fantastic & Imaginary Realists, beauty, creativity, spirituality, mysticism, culture, nature and science. Ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Incans, Egyptians and Hopi to name a few, are of particular inspiration for me. They all had a deep respect and appreciation for the natural world, which played a significant part in the advancement of their civilizations. My art is my way of communicating the love and appreciation I hold for the guidance and wisdom of earth and its many brilliant minds on it – past, present and future.

By balancing realism and surrealism, and through use of my emotions, visions and intuition, I attempt to capture the energy and magic of a unique moment in time. I try to do this in a reflective way by using innovative concepts and vibrant and playful use of colour.

Acrylic paint is my medium of choice mainly because of its flexibility and forgiveness, but also its’ vibrancy and ability to blend smoothly or remain textural. As the buildup of sometimes-watered-down layers lends itself naturally to my style of working, acrylics’ ability to dry quickly gives me what I need to accomplish this. Its thick quality allows me too, to work quickly and make necessary changes without compromising the entire painting.

This process has allowed me to see clearly my place in the Universe – to share with the rest of the world in hopes to provoke a sense of connectedness and awareness. Painting is my attempt to take part in the great awakening and increasing shift of humanity towards a higher state of existence.

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